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Tafsir Ishraq Al Ma’ani: FULL SET OF Vol. I-XIII & Juz 30 (by Syed Iqbal Zaheer, 1997-2007, 265x13pp.)

With the revival of interest in Islam in our times, the Qur’an is also being increasingly read, especially by the intellectuals: Muslims and non-Muslims alike. However, and although its message and central theme have been stated in unambiguous terms, its translation fails to impart the same meaning with the same effect. Additionally, the Qur’an deals with every subject of human concern and gives guidelines for application to life and society. This increases its scope widely, and requires on the part of the reader knowledge of various disciplines for proper appreciation of its message.

It is specially important to know how the Qur’an was understood by those who received it first: Prophet Muhammad, on whom be Allah’s peace, and his immediate followers. Second in order of interest and importance would be to know how the scholars of Islam have understood it in every age. The present work endeavours in the main to provide this information. However, it also presents useful notes, variant notes, variant opinions, anecdotes and legal points – from commentaries old and new.

Tafseer Ishraq Al-Maani

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