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The Power of Tawakkul

Updated: Nov 22, 2023



Trust in Allah (swt) will help us tackle our problems with the right mindset, while it disciplines us in our deen, writes SYEDA AFNAAN BANU.

We may have come across people questioning the very existence of their problems or sometimes we ourselves maybe a victim of the same. Asking, or hearing, questions like 'Why is this happening to me, or why me of all the people?' is not alien to any of us.

Have we asked ourselves the meaning of earthly life? Earthly life is merely a test, determining one's afterlife either in Paradise or in Hell. Taking the word 'test' into consideration, we as Muslims need to understand that these tests are subjected to us by the will and grace of Allah (swt).

Irrespective of the degree of the test, a sense of optimism and adaptation needs to be adopted by us. We need to constantly remind ourselves that these earthly tests are only getting us closer to our deen and our Lord.

We face a variety of challenges related to career, relationship, housing, finance, health, etc. But how do we react to them? If we take it positively, then that is a good sign. Suppose we take it negatively, then that's where Tawakkul comes into picture.

Tawakkul is believing in Allah (swt) that, whatever Allah (swt) has planned for us has something good in it, even though it apparently seems difficult or tough

When we encounter hardships, the immediate thought of action is to have Tawakkul on Allah (swt). Believe that Allah (swt) is the best disposer of all affairs (Al-Wakeel) besides being the best planner (Al- Walli).

If there is a problem then there is a solution to it too. Things can get tough for us over a time of prolonged hardship. But when we have the Tawakkul state of mind and believe that it's just a phase and Allah (swt) will take care of the situation, then, we are sure to experience a whiff of peace and harmony in our lives even amidst the biggest of our hardships.

We need to understand that by allowing ourselves - or participating in the arousal of neg

ative questioning, we are only making the job of Shaytan easier by turning us Muslims against our Lord.

Shaytan wants us to think, 'There is no solution to our problems.' But Allah (swt) tells us, "Truly,

Allah (swt) is able to do all things (Qur'an 2:148). Shaytan makes us believe in 'I cannot handle this."

testing us, for relieving us and for giving us more than anyone could Imagine."

Istighfar, Dua' and Sabr can get us very close to having Tawakkul on Allah (swt). Tawakkul will help us tackle our problems with the right mind-set whileitdisciplines us in our deen. From this day on, let's do our part and learn to trust Allah's plan after.

Evaluate where you fall;

Tawakkul is a shield against stress and anxiety. It increases our emaan, wipes away our sins and, later, that same hardship can bring a great and long-lasting blessing.

But Allah (swt) does not burden a soul beyond its capacity.

Musa (asws) did not know that Allah (swt) was going to split the Red Sea for him. He only knew that Allah (swt) wasn't going to abandon him. Trust Allah (swt) when you do not know His


Tawakkul is knowing that our heart still beats after a sneeze. Tawakkul is tying your camel first and then putting our trust in Allah (swt). Tawakkulis believingthat after day comes night. And 'whoever puts his trust in Allah, then Allahsuffices him.'(Qur'an 65:3)

No matter what we are going through, rely on Allah (swt). Inculcate the habit of abundant Istighfar and Du'as. Tawakkul is a shield against stress and anxiety. It increases our emaan, wipes away our sins and, later, that same hardship can bring a great and long-lasting blessing. Another important thing to

practice during the journey of Tawakkul is Sabr (patience). Practice the art of Sabr, for, indeed, Allah (swt) "does not allow to be lost the reward of those who do good." (Qur'an 11:115)

It might take a day or a year but Allah (swt) will change the most hopeless situation into the best moments of our lives.Imam Ibn al-Qayyim is reported to have once said:

"How strange does it seem that these tests, which weigh a ton on our chest

today, will one day elevate us. Elevate us so high, that we will thank Allah (swt). We will thank

Allah (swt) for Tawakkul - Trying your best, then leaving the outcome to Allah (swt).

Tawaakkal-Not trying your best, then expecting a great outcome from Allah (swt).

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