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About the Book Islamic Law has such qualities that it could be applied fruitfully by any nation without having to believe in its Divine origins, even if benefits are not obtained becouse of the denial. Islamic Law is a time-tested set of law

Table of Contents

Chapter-2:Working of the Figh Principles
Chapter-3:The Seeds of Usul al-Figh
Chapter-4:Codification of Usul al-Figh
Chapter-5:The Topics of Discussion
Chapter-6: Sources of Islamic Law
Chapter-7:Sources of Usul al-Figh
Chapter-8:A Few Rules for Deriving the Me
Chapter-10: A Few General Rules
Chapter-11:Differences Among the Fuqaha'
Chapter-12:Are Figh Schools a Cause of Division?
Chapter-13:Are Fiqh Schools Sects?
Chapter-14: Do the Schools Strictly follow their Imams?
Chapter-15:Is Taqlid Unnecessary?
Chapter-16: When is Taqlid Disallowed?
Chapter-17: Choosing Rulings from Several Schools
Chapter-18: Did the Imams Recommend Discarding of
their Rulings?
Chapter-19: Did the Imams Lack Knowledge of hadith?
Chapter-20:Did the Imams Use Weak ahadith?
Chapter-21:Does Taqlid Lead to Stagnation?

Usul al Fiqh Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence

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