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About Book:

A remarkable thing about Islam is the authenticity of its two sources: the Qur'an, and the Prophetic sayings. The Qur'an, of course, takes care of itself. Its inimitability guarantees that it will remain unaltered to the end of the world. But the Prophetic sayings are less inwardly defended. The early scholars of Islam, therefore, quickly set about documenting the trustworthy reports. But that was no guarantee against fresh incursions of the untrustworthy ones. Preachers, zealots, ascetics, pamphleteers, story-tellers and ignorant Samaritans of every age give currency to old narratives and add a few of their own invention.

In their early phase, these reports remain in verbal circulation. But, with time, they infiltrate into written works. The scholars, therefore, take to purging them out. The cycle goes on.

The present work collected from five different books - is a short collection of such reports as are falsely attributed to the Prophet, and which have somehow been popular among the masses through the centuries

Fake Pearls

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